Our animals live outdoors with year-round access to shelter. They are never confined. 


We raise only heritage breed pigs (right now we have Gloucestershire Old Spots, Mangalitsas, Red Wattles, Tamworths, and a Mulefoot, and select crosses) on open, grassy pastures and shady woodland. Our pigs spend their time rooting for grubs and worms, relaxing in mud wallows, and seasonally foraging for acorns and black walnuts. We follow rotational grazing practices, allowing the upturned land plenty of rest in between visits. This serves to restore pasture integrity and sustain long-term pasture health.
Our pigs live outdoors with year-round access to straw-bedded shelters; they are never confined. We supplement their pasture-based diet as needed with our farm’s veggie scraps, as well as non-GMO grain.
We cross-breed our heritage sows and boar to create generations of piglets with the best qualities of each breed.

organic pigs and pork

Our egg-laying hens are a cross of heritage breed Rhode Island Reds and Plymouth Rocks. 

These ladies thrive on pasture and enjoy foraging for insects. They lay beautiful, large brown eggs. 

organic eggs and chicken