Partially situated in the Blawenburg Historic District of Montgomery Township, NJ, the farm and its environs have a rich agricultural history. Early Dutch settlers from the mid-18th century grew summer and winter wheat, and other subsistence crops. Livestock were plentiful.

Through the 19th century, the Township remained an entirely agricultural community. With the development of inland trade routes, surplus agricultural output from the area was sent first via road, then canal and eventually rail, to the markets of New York City and Philadelphia.


In more recent years, the land has been used as a dairy farm, and for corn and soybean production. With population pressure and suburban encroachment, the farm was preserved in 1994 as part of the 375 acre Gallup farm, one of the first farms to be preserved in Somerset County under the NJ Farmland Preservation Program. In 2016, the charm of the land and surrounding community captivated Wendy and Steve and inspired their own dream of farming. Greenflash Farm was born.

In mid-2018, we received official organic certification for our vegetable and flower gardens.

Greenflash Farm New Jersey Organics
Greenflash Farm New Jersey Organics
Greenflash Farm New Jersey Organics

After spending years working outdoors in the Lake Tahoe region, Cory was drawn to the adventures of farming. He got his start working at a thriving organic farm in the California Sierra Foothills where he developed a true passion for the farm life. In 2016, Greenflash Farm was lucky to recruit him as the farm's first manager.
When Cory isn't farming, he enjoys a good hike in the woods, a cold beer in the shade, and a proper buttermilk biscuit.

Greenflash Farm New Jersey Organics

Ellisha grew up in the mountains of Northern California where she helped raise animals and maintain a garden that fed her family. In 2016, she took her talents east, and is impressing locals with the farm's fresh cut flower program. She finds joy in nurturing the plants and animals around the farm, working in the sun, and a shady afternoon nap with her pups. 

Greenflash Farm New Jersey Organics

Copper and Onyx keep us apprised of any changes to the environment, and keep us enthused through their love of life on the farm.