We are a small, diversified farm utilizing only sustainable, regenerative farming techniques. Our practices go above and beyond organic standards, including avoidance of GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or synthetic fertilizers. 

Greenflash Farm NewJersey Organics

Our farm is in the process of repurposing its land. While a significant portion was previously used for traditional agriculture, we selected a 5-acre site for our garden that remained untouched by chemicals. We obtained organic certification for this area in mid-2018. Our growing process is wholly natural and free of chemicals.

Greenflash Farm New Jersey Organics

Inspired by passion for fresh local flowers, we have chosen to grow a variety of familiar favorites that resonate deeply in our hearts. We have created a collection that incorporates foraged materials from around the farm to catch the beauty of the ever-changing seasons. Our blooms are grown using practices that enrich soil health and promote a balanced ecosystem. 

Greenflash Farm New Jersey Organics
Greenflash Farm New Jersey Organics

We raise heritage breed pigs (Gloucestershire Old Spots, Mangalitsa, Mulefoot, Red Wattle, and Tamworth crosses) utilizing rotational grazing methods. This approach encourages our pigs to forage for their food and ultimately, yields a product with better muscle development, marbling, and fat cap. Our pigs forage approximately 40% of their diet from the pasture's grasses, worms, and nuts, while the remaining 60% is derived from a hand-selected, locally-sourced, non-GMO grain mix. Select cuts are available at our farm store.

We have an active flock of Rhode Island Reds and Barred Rock crosses. These egg-laying hens spend their days outdoors rotating through our pastures while foraging for bugs, worms, and other tasty treats. Our flocks' foraging helps to supplement their non-GMO grain diet and equally important, helps to maintain healthy pasture. Stop by our farm store to pick up a dozen of our delicious eggs!